Breast Cancer: Source Analysis

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Source Evaluation The validity of this article is through the identification of the published author. This shows information was just not posted on the internet. A list of resources used is listed in the end shows the reliability as this means the same information can be found in other sources. References are made throughout the source in each paragraph which shows its validity. The brief simple summary of the history of breast cancer in each century is reliable in terms of being able to understand the information better. This source is derived from an organisation, American Cancer Society and…show more content…
Therefore, it is reliable in terms of understanding more on what I am researching about. Its recent publication date, 2006 provides up to date information. Although this source was found in Wikipedia, known as a risky site where information may be edited into foul information, it is reliable in comparing with my other sources to help me ensure that I am gathering right information. This source is a reliable as it gives a clear understanding of the comparison between the ancient and recent history of breast cancer by distinguishing the changes that have occurred over time. This source is reliable as it is a government website. Therefore means it is authorised where no faulty information can be published. This demonstrates its…show more content…
Therefore, all information found on the site is conducted by actual staff who are working on the team. Hence, it is also reliable. This source is reliable in demonstrating the ways in which the health campaign is promoted. It is valid and relia This source is reliable as the as the video presents to you in real life the works they get encounter. Therefore, the source is valid. This source is valid as the information was recently published on Feb 2011. It’s reliability is due to the provided information quoted by WHO’s Assistant Director-General for Non Communicable Diseases and Mental Health, an important individual in society. This source is reliable as the statistics indicated is followed by an explanation as to how the results are evaluated and interpreted. This source is valid and reliable as it is from the official website of the World Health Organisation of which is last updated in

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