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English Essay – Task 8 Texts: Image 2 & Born Into Brothels There are so many different social issues in the world right now. However due to cultural differences, some social norms in other parts of the world would be considered outrageous here in Australia. When we as Westerners view the documentary “Born Into Brothels” by Zana Briski and the image taken by Oded Balilty, our attitude is to respond negatively to the social issues being represented in these texts because they challenge naturalised values and beliefs towards equal rights for men, women and children. Briski and Balilty achieve this response via their use of cinematography, mise en scene and composition. In the image taken by Oded Balilty, the composition and mise en…show more content…
The montage introduction starts with a close up shot of a child’s face with slow, native and sombre music playing softly. This scene has an intimate atmosphere which portrays the child as innocent, vulnerable and defenceless. The scene then cuts to the busy streets of Kolkata where the music quickens in pace to match the hectic images of the street. Briski uses a hand held camera for this montage to create a realistic film style to immerse us in a world…show more content…
There are many differences between the culture we see in this documentary and the culture we experience here in the United States, but I truly appreciate the work that Briski does and I believe that the purpose of her work, through the techniques that she implements, is summed up perfectly by Avijit in the closing of the documentary: “Though there is sadness in it, and though it is hard to face, we must look at it because…It is

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