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Nanny State Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on November 27, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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The extensive laws and regulated areas in the State of Victoria have earned it the reputation throughout the media and amongst its people as a ‘nanny state’. This essay will critically analyse the possible positive and negative effects on removing laws that currently forbid certain behaviours. Two forms of behaviours that are currently prohibited under Victorian law, being excessive residential noise and drug legislation, particularly relating to the personal and medical use of marijuana will be analysed throughout the essay. A discussion on the primary intentions of both criminal and civil law and the differences between the two will be investigated. Lastly the possible advantages and disadvantages of using the civil process as the primary means of administering justice will be explained in detail, as will the practicality of it working effectively.

A ‘nanny state’ is defined by the Cambridge dictionary as ‘a government which tries to give too much advice or make too many laws about how people should live their lives, especially about eating, smoking and drinking alcohol’ and is more simply said to be ‘the government regarded as overprotective or as interfering unduly with personal choice’ by the Oxford dictionary. It can be argued that the state of Victoria falls into the scope of these definitions. A widely accepted example of this is the use of fixed and mobile speed cameras. Victoria has 308 cameras around the state. This is a vast difference from the 178 in New South Wales, 90 in South Australia and 49 in Queensland. Victoria is also the only state in Australia that does not have warning signs to alert motorists they are approaching a speed camera. To not put up signs, means the public is unaware of the locations of these cameras, which in turn causes them to continue driving at speed. If the cameras were visible, drivers would slow down meaning a more effective method of controlling speed. This is seen by the majority of the state as an example of the...

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