Booker T. Washington's Lack Of Education

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African Americans were stated, as “one fifth of a white person” segregation was a huge part of African Americans lifestyle they were openly seen as less important then white people. Blacks and whites were separated either is school or neighborhood which made the matter worst then it already was. Education was one of the weaknesses in African American schools as they received poor education. For Black people to actually get somewhere and make a difference to how they were treated they needed education mainly as a lot of things relied on that. Booker T Washington believed education was the key. Washington called for patience, accommodation, and self-help. He played down political rights and emphasised vocational education as the best way for African Americans to advance. The defeat of south brought great changes for African Americans as slavery ended in 1865 and civil right act of 1866 meant Black people finally had rights. One of the changes that can be linked to Washington’s approach of accommodation is 15th amendment which states that voting could not be denied to a person just because of there race. Even though black people were finally allowed to vote they had to be educated enough to be able to vote and pass literacy test. Another concept was “grandfather rights” this created new literacy…show more content…
It limited them from voting and also segregation in a sense as African American were seen as illiterate and less important. It could be said that Booker T Washington had helped with education and development he had founded Tuskegee Institute in 1881. After 1900, African Americans made some genuine gains. Between 1900 and 1917, illiteracy fell by a third to about 30%. The number of black-owned businesses rose from 20,000 to 40,000. Rather than serving a white clientele, African American businesses increasingly catered to the black
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