Book-Movie Contrast of the Great Gatsby

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Movie-Book Contrast of The Great Gatsby In the book’s Chapter II and Chapter III, from the beginning Tom introduce his mistress Myrtle to Nick and the small party which held in Myrtle’s apartment, to the other party held by Gatsby in the next chapter, verity of plots and lines had rearranged by movie editor. These change made some related to each other, affects the plots of what Nick saw and experienced in these two parties. The first different between in book and movie’s plot is the rumors of Nick’s new neighbor Gatsby. In this part, movie editor not only changed some time order and rumors contents but also the person who reveals it to Nick. Those gossips said “Gatsby had killed someone in the past.” and “He was a German spy.” that Nick had heard in Gatsby’s party, the original source in the book was from different guests shared the party time with Nick in Chapter III; but in the movie, we had all of them from Myrtle’s sister, Catherine, who was once attended to Gatsby’s party, shows more comments about Gatsby in the movie then the book. Then, the movie editor created new faces to refill this part, those origins guests— two girls chatting with Jordan Baker— was transfer to three young men who attracted by her and seem Nick as an unqualified competitor. The second different part is the details about Myrtle’s party. In the book, we have few dialogues carry in this apartment party, those between in Myrtle and Tom with McKee couple, between in Nick with McKees’ is all deleted. In movie, we couldn’t know that Ms. McKee is longing for Myrtle’s dress and how Myrtle reacts in haughty. We couldn’t find a clue for Mr. McKee’s favor in Myrtle and Tom’s showy attitude through the conversation they have about to take Myrtle’s photographs; furthermore, where’s the puppy which Tom bought for Myrtle comes from, when did they buy it, and the elevator boy who appears at least

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