Desires In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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Nathan Egleton Explore the way Steinbeck presents and explore desires in of mice and men. Desires, the American dream in the 1930s was a big thing in Americans’ heads but they couldn’t be chased because of the great depression. Plants, crops and jobs were gone. Money was impossible to get and dreams were unreachable unless you was asleep. Of mice and men have characters chasing dreams but they were just too hard to get. Steinbeck presents desires though the character Curley’s wife. She has the desire to become an actress for example she says to Lennie ‘I could a been in the movies’. However it is like she lives this dream on the ranch, through the description in the novel we see a woman who tries to dress like she is in the movies Steinbeck uses lots of descriptive language, in fact he uses an entire paragraph just for her ‘a girl was standing there looking in. she had full, rouged lips and wide spaced eyes, heavily made up. Her fingernails were red.’ This describes her as having a movie star face. ‘She wore a cotton house dress and red mules’ this is describing her as she dresses like a movie star. But she cannot live out her dream because she is married and is and…show more content…
When George tells him about the ranch he insists that he tell him about the rabbits but actions of Lennie foreshadows that pets will be trouble for him because at the start of the book Lennie finds a mouse but the mouse keeps moving so Lennie tightens his grip and kills the mouse. This is foreshadowing that if he has pets he might kill them, which he does further in the books. Lennie gets a secret pet puppy. Once again the pet does something that Lennie doesn’t like so he holds it very tight and kills the puppy. Lennie knows he had done something wrong because he was thinking George won’t let him have rabbits, so he hid the puppy in hay in the barn. This is one of many ways that Steinbeck explores desired in the characters of, of mice and
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