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Bobbi Kristina Brown Bobbi Kristina Brown Bobbi Kristina Brown is Whitney Houston's first daughter. She was born on March 4th, 1993. Bobbi's father is R&B singer Bobby Brown. Bobbi has formerly uploaded YouTube videos of herself singing. She is likely to follow in the steps of her mother. Bobbi and Whitney were working on a song together before her mother’s death. The press is attempting to build Bobbi up, while other press is trying to tear her down by means of a drug scandal. Her drugs incorporate cocaine, marijuana, and alcohol. Bobbi was thought to have used drugs after her mother’s death. Between all the commotion in the New Jersey service for her mother, Bobbi managed to sneak away. She had two emotional breakdowns. "Whitney's passing is sending Bobbi off the deep end," one insider says, adding that her family is "shocked" by the scope of her issues. "Bobbi's problems are out of control," the insider notes. "There was some confusion about Bobbi Kristina’s whereabouts that night for a short time, but she's okay,” a Houston family spokesperson told The Daily Beast. “She needed some time alone.” The spokesperson says Bobbi Kristina isn’t on drugs and is just emotionally fragile at this time. “She is going through a very hard time, as you can expect.” An insider who attended high school along with Bobbi Kristina Brown in Huntington Beach, California tells Whitney Houston’s daughter already had a reputation for being ‘a party animal’ when she was a freshman. Bobbi Kristina Brown‘s family is concerned about her drug and alcohol use, which increased, following her mother’s tragic death .The 18-year-old celebrity has been struggling with these issues for several years now. The insider who attended Edison High School with Bobbi Kristina when she was barely a teenager tells, “Bobbi Kristina was really nice.

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