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Miss E Case Study

  • Submitted by: jaclynd78
  • on June 9, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Name: Jaclyn Dunne

Course Code:   CHELM1A 13

Tutor: Karen Ferguson

Essay Title: “Using the case study provided at the end of the module assess the client’s issues and describe your treatment plan. What ethical issues might arise?”

Word Count:   2175

“Using the case study below, assess the client’s issues and describe your treatment plan. What ethical issues might arise?”

Miss E came to therapy for weight loss wanting to lose 2½ stone in all. She is 29 and came out of a failed relationship 6 months ago. She is now ready to look for another partner but she is scared as her previous partner of 6 years was very controlling and almost seemed to want her to stay overweight.
She has struggled with her weight since she was 12 or 13 and her parents badgered her about being unattractive and eating too much. She has tried many diets but always seems to put the weight back on again after a while.
She is going on an all girls’ holiday in 3 months and hopes to have lost weight by then.

      For hypnosis to be an effective weight loss tool the client will need to be prepared to alter their lifestyle and eating habits with the assistance of the therapist who will enable them to understand the workings of their detrimental eating patterns and ultimately change them. For this to be achieved in a professional and ethical manner a full initial consultation must first be carried out by the therapist in order to ascertain and understand the client’s issue with their weight and any underlying issues that may surround it.
      During an initial consultation with Miss E I would need to determine whether weight loss was necessary or a mask to conceal deeper issues such as low self esteem, anxiety, depression or in the more severe cases eating disorders and body dysmorphic disorder. An ethical therapist would need to know a clients height and weight in order to establish their body mass index (BMI) to ultimately decide whether weight loss is healthy for...

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