Bloods and Cripts

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Movie Assignment Crips and Bloods: Made in America 1) Discuss the difference between race and ethnicity. Which concept is primarily presented in the film? Using these concepts discuss the impact of World War II that was presented in the film? What impact did the progression from industrial to information age have? Race is a group of people who have similar physical characteristics or in other words, the look similar while ethnicity refers to cultural characteristics. This is a group of people who are able to identify with one another because of heritage. Ethnicity is primarily presented in the film. During the war blacks were able to work jobs that earned them enough money to buy houses, build businesses, and live the “American Dream” the ethnicity of blacks during this time was one that was proud, and successful. The progression from industrial to information age had a negative impact on blacks because their skills were neither able to be used in the high paying high skilled jobs, nor in the low wage sweat ship jobs. 2) From Chapter 8 discuss how Robert Merton’s strain theory applies to this film? Your answer should include the definition of what the theory is as well as the four adaptation steps. The strain theory is society socializing people to desire a certain goal but not allowing some the means by which to obtain that goal. The four adaptive steps are innovation, ritualism, retreatism, and rebellion. The strain theory relates to the film because the blacks confined to and forced to live in a certain area. Because of this it was impossible for them to escape poverty and gang banging hence blocking them from being able to reach success. 3) Define prejudice and discrimination, including specific types of each, discuss how these concepts are different, and using examples from the film illustrate the impact both of these concepts had on
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