Biofuel Is an Effective Substitute for Fossil Fuel

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Biofuel is an effective substitute for fossil fuel. With the development of global industry, energy shortage has been a significant problem for many countries. The threat of fossil fuel exhaustion has always perplexed human society. It is urgent to create a new kind of fuel to replace fossil fuel before fossil fuel is depleted. This essay will discuss that the biofuel is an effective substitute for fossil fuel due to its renewability and environmental protection. Biofuel is better than fossil oil to use due to its renewability which often brings benefits of economy. One reason is that biofuel will not be exhausted like petroleum. For instance, the petroleum reserves are limited. With the reduction of petroleum, its price is more and more expensive. However, if the government uses renewability energy, people would no longer have to worry about the exhaustion of energy and the rise of energy price. In addition, Biofuel is renewable because its raw materials are wastes which are the vastest and cheapest materials in the world. In other words, the cost of biofuel is far cheaper than fossil fuel. This advantage has been proven successfully in Kristianstad. The local government saves $3.8 million each year in heating its municipal buildings after they uses biofuels instead of oil and electricity. Unquestionably,the renewability of biofuel can brings the benefits of economy. As a result, renewable biogas is an outstanding replacement for fossil oil. Unlike petroleum, biofuels can avoid environmental degradation. That is because biofuels consume large amounts of wastes. If these wastes were not used by biofuels, they wound produce heat-trapping methane into the atmosphere and deteriorate global warming. That is why biofuels can slow down the global warming. In addition, biofuels can also save energy. For instance, in 1993, Kristianstad started to produce biogas by using

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