Biking Instead Of Driving

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Should I Ride My Bike To Work Instead Of Driving? Biking to work instead of driving seems to be a great way to save money these days due to the rising cost of gas. Riding a bike is also a very good way to avoid getting stuck in traffic jams. Just the other day I got stuck in traffic on my way to work, and this man riding his bike just passed right by me. And for that moment I wished it was me on that bike because I was late for work. The way gasoline prices are going up all over the world, biking to work instead of driving will be the best way to offset the rising cost of gas, and also to avoid getting stuck in traffic. According to Michael Bluejay, an award winning writer of “The seven- best on the web! “Automobiles are the second largest source of carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution in the U.S. They create nearly 1.5 billion tons of CO2 each year”. Bluejay, claims that most ozone pollution is caused by motor vehicles, which account for 72% of nitrogen oxides and 52% of reactive hydrocarbons (principal components of smog)”. Bluejay also said “Car emissions kill 30,000 people each year in the U.S. Riding a bike to work will save money, and help the environment. But driving to work will actually do the opposite. By driving a car the gas produce from burning petrol and diesel is not good for the atmosphere. It pollutes the air, and that’s poisonous to the environment. The car gases (petrol) are harmful to the environment because gases destroy the ozone layer and the carbon dioxide stays in the atmosphere adding to the global warming problems. Less driving will be the best thing for the environment because it means fewer emissions. As bad as the gas price is today, biking to work would be a great way to offset the high gasoline price. Biking to work is a creative way to save money. Even if someone only rides

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