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Biodiversity Essay

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Institute of Biodiversity
The special in Institute of Biology is, it has own zoology museum. The zoology museum is the center of storage the preserved animal. The workers of Institute of Biodiversity preserved the animal by themselves without getting help from other institute.
There are a lot of activities conducted in Institute of Biodiversity (IBD).The main activity there is taksedemi. The activity conducted aims to search a new talent in preserving animal. Example of animal that being preserved by the institute is preserving squirrel that takes almost one week to finish it. Then, next activity conducted in IBD is ‘Latihan Pemantapan Fizikal’. From the activity, participants were able to hike Gunung Tahan. The hiking started from Kuala Juram, Sungai Relau ,Merapoh to the top of Gunung Tahan which height 2187 m. The activity ended for seven days. Other than that, there is Conservation Center. The activity conduced is have a visit to Pusat Konservasi Hidupan Liar (seladang) Jendarak Selatan. Lots of programmes conducted there such as cleaning the area of Conservation Center, painting and cleaning the store of the center. In addition, IBD also organized Hari Bertemu Pelanggan. During the day, there was a talk discussing about how to prevent a conflict between wild animal and human. So, from the talk, people were able to take a nota what is the tips to solve the problem. However, IBD also conducted Hari Kelawar Sedunia 2011.For the activity, IBD as the representative from PERHILITAN. The function, advantages and all about bat were discussed on that day. Then, IBD also conducted the day to explain to people about legislation and enforcement. The activities conducted aims to give people understand about the law used in PERHILITAN. So, people can aware when they are handling with animals. Furthermore, there was also inventory. The activity exposed to the inventory technique of wild animal. After that, there were also Kursus Induksi Khursus Bil 1/2011 and when we were...

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