Bill Mckibben's Essay 'Now Or Never'

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Katherine Carmichael Professor Wallerstein ENGL 201 November 9, 2012 Going Green: The Facts My family has always been the type to recycle and try to conserve resources. We recycle whenever possible, conserve water when we can and try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I remember when I was in third grade when my class went to the garbage plant for a field trip. I knew there was going to be garbage, but I didn’t know how much there was going to be. I remember seeing endless piles of garbage that were stacked as high as the ceiling. I also remember the smell. The stench of rotten bananas and dirty diapers filled the air. The man that was giving the tour told us that about one hundred and eighty tons of trash came into the facility every…show more content…
Global warming is not a real thing. My opponents would argue that global warming is just a scam the government uses to scare people. They say that there is no evidence to show that global warming is a real threat to the way we live. I agree that it is hard to calculate if global warming us real. But if my opponents did any research, they would realize that there is plenty of evidence to show that global warming is a real threat to this earth. In his essay “Now Or Never”, Bill McKibben writes: Consider hydrology, for instance. Warm air holds more water vapor the cold air, so there is an increase in evaporation in dry areas, and hence more drought—something that has been documented on every continent. Once that water is in the atmosphere, it’s going to come down someone—and indeed we have seen the most dramatic flooding ever recorded in recent years. In 1998, 300 million humans, one in twenty of us, had to leave their homes for a week, and month, a year, forever because of rising waters. (McKibben 682) This is evidence that global warming, or the process of the earth heating up, is really happening. McKibben also says “Severe storms have already grown more frequent and more damaging. The seasons are less steady in their progression. Some agriculture is less reliable” (McKibben 683). These are just more affects that are being caused by global
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