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Leadership Paper Bill Clinton is one of the most popular presidents that this country has ever had; he led the country to one of the greatest economic expansions in its history and managed to leave office with an approval rating of 66% which is the highest rating at the end of office of any president since World War II. Clinton was a long time governor of his home state Arkansas, before being elected president in 1992. In his presidency he managed to balance the federal budget and actually manage to create a surplus of $559 billion, to put that in perspective we a now running a 1.4 trillion dollar deficit. Clinton was an outstanding student and musician in high school he said that he briefly considered dedicating his life to music, but…show more content…
Within a year of returning to Arkansas Clinton began his political career he ran for the House of Representatives but was defeated by a narrow margin of 52% to 48% by the incumbent, John Paul Hammerschmidt. However Clinton was undeterred and two years later was elected to be the Attorney General of the state of Arkansas. Two years after that in 1978 Clinton furthered his political career by getting elected as Governor of Arkansas becoming the youngest governor in the country at the age of 32. I find it truly amazing that he was able to accomplish so much by the age of 32, he had done more than many have in a life time, and when you take into account that he was in school until he was 27, you really see just how incredibly successful Clinton in just five years of completing his…show more content…
He is remembered even more fondly since his predecessor George Bush destroyed the economy and people became truly grateful for the prosperity that the entire country felt during the Clinton Administration. Bill Clinton was and is a truly great leader he showed numerous qualities that are essential to good leadership history is sure to remember him just as fondly as people do now. He has proven that no one is perfect through issues in his personal life but he has never allowed it to affect him or his ability to lead this

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