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Introduction: William Billy Bishop, Canada's ace of aces was born in Owen Sound, small town in Ontario, on February 8, 1894. He was the third son in the family of four children. Billy Bishop was poor at studies and really refused to apply himself to studies. One of the skills that Billy tried to perfect himself was shooting and that skill he realized and perfected which made him a hero. Billy Bishop can be considered as a real hero because of the following arguments: Argument 1. Services during the First World War: Bishop joined Royal Military College of Canada in 1911 and later when the First World war broke out in 1914, he joined Mississauga Cavalry Regiment. Then he was transferred to the 8th Canadian Mounted Rifles where he showed a natural ability with a gun, and excelled on the firing range. He left Canada for England on 6 June 1915. Bishop completed observer training and, on September 1, 1915, joined No. 21 Squadron Royal Flying Corps (RFC) as a gunner-observer. As an observer Bishop Bishop was very good at taking aerial photographs. He was given the charge of training other observes with the camera. The squadron was ordered to France in January 1916 and his first mission was an aerial spotter for British artillery. Bishop and pilot Neville flew over German lines near Boisdinghem and when the German howitzer was found, they relayed co-ordinates to the British, who then bombarded and destroyed the target. Aerial combat In November 1916 after receiving his wings, Bishop was attached to No. 37 Squadron RFC at Sutton's Farm, Essex flying the BE.2c. Bishop claimed his first victory when his was one of four Nieuports that engaged three Albatros D.III Scouts near St Leger. Bishop shot down and mortally wounded a Leutnant Theiller, but his engine failed in the process. On 30 March 1917, Bishop was named a flight commander. The next day he

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