Betrayal 07 Honors

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Betrayal 07 Honors: Bisclavaret is the innocent one. He may turn into a werewolf and be considered a monster but he is not the real monster in this story. Bisclavaret is a kind and beloved knight to the king, whereas what he calls his wife betrayed him for another lord. Yes, in the beginning he did leave her three times for unnamed “business” but they were madly in love. All of this changed when she sat down and told him she had something to pray of him, and then he tells her his secret that he becomes a werewolf. She betrays him with another then and takes his clothes so he cannot change back from a werewolf to a human. She made others known of his secret and turned her back on him, she flat out betrayed him. Even though she married him and took vows to stay with him through everything, when she hears something that she does not like she gives up on him. While he wanders the forest lonely and heartbroken, she wanders and over to another knight of the lord and betrays her husband even more. She has food, shelter, and clothes and leaves him without anything. If her love was real, why would she become a monster to him? Bisclavaret suffered so many terrible feelings when he found out about her betrayal. He felt hurt, mad, regretful, and betrayed. He had trusted everything in this women and she goes out and betrays him by marrying another knight. He felt more anger and grief because of the way he found out. The king took him in to live with him, just thinking he was a regular wolf, and he bring Bisclavaret’s old wife and her husband to dinner. Bisclavaret attacks them when he realizes who it is and they now know that he is the wolf. Both Bisclavaret and his wife used ethics by things that they did not do. Bisclavaret’s wife was not always honest with him because she was scared he would attack and hurt her. Bisclavaret did not tell his wife that he turned into a
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