Beowulf Perspective Essay

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Beowulf Perspective Essay I was a beautiful and massive sword just minding my own business when Beowulf had to come and interrupt my peace. I thought he would have his own sword. She stole it from him, his sword and his shield. I hung there and watched. I watched as Grendel’s mother seeked revenge on the great Beowulf. She was biting holes in his helmet, wrestling him, and clawing him. Grendel’s mom seemed to be winning. Beowulf was the greatest warrior, and yet he was stumbling around and was very weary. She pinned him down and pulled out a dagger and tried to stab him but his armor was too thick. The knife could not make it through. In a moment’s notice Beowulf was back up and ready to fight. This is where I get dragged into the story. Most people could not pick me up because I am so heavy, but Beowulf had no trouble. He took me out of my scabbard, and then he broke the chain off my handle. I was not happy with him for this. He could not tell I was frustrated because he himself was so enraged. At this moment he lifted me up, I did not want him to at all, and he used all his might so strike Grendel’s mother in the neck. Beowulf had cut right through her neck. Her body fell, and was lifeless. I had blood all over me. After she died everything seemed so light. Beowulf started to walk, and I expected him to let go of me, but he just help on tighter. I could sense that he still wanted revenge on someone. This could not be good for me. He was looking for the body of Grendel, and he surely found it. Beowulf lifted me high in the air once again, and in one fast movement brought me down and cut off Grendel’s head. That was the end of that. It has now been fifty years since the battle with Grendel’s mother. I am old and Beowulf is old. I have seen many battles since then, but none as great. Nor have I seen one as great as Beowulf’s final battle. A dragon came and was

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