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Beowulf is a classic story that is a favorite among people of all ages. It all starts out withKing Hrothgar, who was the prosperous and successful ruler of Denmark. He built his warriors a mead-hall, named Heorot, to congregate, dance, listen to stories, drink, an get gifts from their lord. The wonderful noises coming from the mead-hall awoke the horrible demon creature from the swamp lands of Hrothgar's kingdom named Grendel. Grendel terrorized and killed all of Hrothgar's men, who were also called the Danes. After many years of the Danes continuously suffering from Grendel, a young Geatish warrior named Beowulf came to put an end to Grendel's evil ways. When Beowulf arrives to King Hrothgar's kingdom, there was a huge feast held in his heroic honor. King Hrothgar was well acquainted with Beowulf's family because long ago he had once paid Beowulf's father, Ecgtheow, a favor. The feast lasted late unto the night unitll finally Grendel arrived. Beowulf fought Grendel unarmed, proving his strength to the Danes around him. Grendel struggled under Beowulf's strength just as Beowulf tore the monster's arm off. Grendel sank back into the depths of the swamp, missing an arm, as King Hrothgar and his mean cheer in victory. It was not long after Beowulf defeated Grendel, when his swamp-hag mother came from the depths of the swamp to Heorot seeking retaliation. In revenge, Grendel's mother killed one of King Hrothgar's main advisors, Aeschere. Beowulf then followed her back to her underwater lair to battle. Beowulf ended up killing Grendel's mother with a giant's forge sword. The Danish country side no longer has to worry about their most treacherous swamp monsters. Beowulf returned home to the Land of the Geats after the slaying of the swamp monsters. There he inherited the throne of his homeland and ruled wisely for fifty years. However, when

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