Being a Good Parent Essay

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Being a good parent takes lots and lots of hard work. Being a parent to your child is being their first friend, first teacher, and first protector. To be a good parent, it takes a lot of understanding and caring. To understand a child is the first characteristic of being a good parent. To understand why your child is misbehaving, you as a parent should listen and communicate with your child. One example is that as a single mom to my four year old, I have to listen to him. My son is slow at talking, so if I don’t listen to him, he will get mad and start to cry or hit me. For me to understand him, I have to stop whatever that I am doing to listen to him and try to understand what he wants. Understanding what your child wants or needs is hard and takes time, not just for a four year old but for a teenager, too. Therefore, the first thing to be a good parent is to understand and listen to them. The second characteristics of being a good parent is caring by showing your child that you care and love them. Sometimes showing your emotions works more than having them guess what you are thinking. I care and love my son dearly because he is my whole world. To him, showing that I care and love him means so much more because he doesn’t understand what “Mommy loves you” means. My son understands by seeing it more than telling him, so for him to understand that I care and love him, I show him by kissing his cheek or hugging him. As you see, being a good parent takes time and hard work. Being a good parent is being there for them when they need you the most. Understanding and caring are the characteristics of being a good

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