Beatrice Has More Power Over Benedick

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It is Benedick who has the Most Power in his Relationship with Beatrice. Do you Agree? Beatrice and Benedick’s relationship is based on mutual respect, devotion and true admiration. However, the affection that emerged between the two characters was not a result of a traditional love story, but rather a merry war of wits. It is interesting, therefore, to discuss who has the power in such a relationship. According to historical context, the man should have the control; but Beatrice is no conventional woman, she lives to be an authoritarian and to defy the patriarchal expectations that existed in Elizabethan societies. It could be argued that Benedick does have the power in his relationship with Beatrice. We can see this through a variety of techniques used by Shakespeare. Benedick is a womaniser and thinks that all women like him. A literary device in the form of non-sequitur is used where Benedick states unsupported opinions. He claims that “It is certain I am loved of all ladies, except you,” which implies that he wants to be loved by her. This reveals his vain and his arrogant side – he thinks he can get whatever he wants. His arrogance, hence, gives us the impression that he has the power in this relationship as he thinks that he can get whatever he wants and, although stubborn, will never step down from his desires. Secondly, the male-dominant society during the Elizabethan permitted Benedick to have the most power in his relationship. Whilst Beatrice has to overcome the sex barrier and has to conquer female stereotypes, Benedick has an easy task of leading the relationship with no prevailing obstacles. He is a Lord and soldier and was expected to be the leader in his relationship with no obvious opposition. Benedick is a born leader which explains his position as a soldier and Lord. He has ability for quick retorts and can deflate pomposity very easily. He
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