Forbidden Love Essay

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November 2, 2011 Forbidden Love in Wendy Wasserstein’s The Man in a Case In the play The Man in a Case by Wendy Wasserstein there are two people that are meant to be but are blinded and, although Byelinkov and Varinka are two completely different people they share one very important thing, love. Varinka is a carefree soul, while Byelinkov is a successful and worrisome. Their love is and would be great. They are the perfect match for each other they over take each other’s personalities so it allows them to see nothing but love. All the love they have for each other, only one can see past all the imperfections while the other is still scared; this is love forbidden. Byelinkov waits anxiously in the garden for Varinka at the beginning of the scene. As she arrives he is not hesitant to point out that she is ten minutes late, all the while Varinka just pushes it off and starts with something positive. Byelinkov is ready to push away the apricots that Varinka is defending her the whole time. Byelinkov is not the type of person to take praise very well while Varinka is willing to give him all he needs. All of these show what kind of persons Byelinkov and Varinka are, it shows how they over compensate each other’s personalities. Byelinkov says that “Pride can be an imperfect value”(981) While Varinka responds with “It isn’t pride. It’s the truth. You are a great man.” Varinka kisses Byelinkov and is still happy that she can call herself his wife. Byelinkov is worried about the great deal of responsibility that comes with marrage, he does not think that he can provide her with all the things she needs. Varinka is not worried about that she is like a kid that has a favorite toy, she does not care if it is broken or dirty she just knows that she has a connection with it, and it is her best friend. In this situation Byelinkov is scared he cannot push through that so he

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