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Canadian Studies Research Comparative Paper C.I.S. Basketball vs. N.C.A.A. Basketball Rules and Regulations While working as a physical education teacher in 1891 at the YMCA International Training School in Springfield, Massachusetts, Canadian-born James Naismith was asked to make a game that would not take up a lot of room, was not too rough, that could help its track athletes to keep in shape and at the same time, could be played indoors. So he grabbed a soccer ball and a peach basket, which he nailed on walls opposite of each other, and invented the game of basketball. He had no idea he would invent what would become the most popular indoor sport in the United States and Canada. Naismith did publish the original 13 rules, but…show more content…
The primary difference between the CIS and the NCAA is that CIS universities do not offer athletic scholarships. Instead universities do provide partial athletic awards, as well as academic scholarships and grants for athletes who have to get a job part time just so they can participate. CIS rules also have a catch because only athletes can get funding once they have entered their second year of schooling (sophomore year). Even then the amount is based on the total team due to what they call Ceiling Rules, which means one student can not receive most of the whole award. It has to be shared among all the team members as equally as possible. In a CIS study for the 2002-2003 academic years, across all sports, the average award per student athlete was $522 for men and $311 for women. In Ontario, which has some of Canada's largest universities, has even stricter and more specific rules. Less than ¼ of CIS athletes receive scholarships for their abilities. A major consequence of this is that many of Canada's top young athletes go to universities in the US, where they can get much larger scholarships. Since universities in the US have greater opportunities for young athletes, the Vancouver area has been attempting petition after petition to enter the NCAA with two different schools in recent years as well as the University of British…show more content…
There are a lot of rules and regulations that you have to watch out for and it is smart to educate yourself on them as well. To be eligible to compete right out of high school in the CIS there are certain academic requirements needed. You must have a minimum 60% average or equivalent on the courses used to determine your university admission. To remain eligible as a student-athlete there are two big keys. First, be enrolled in a minimum of three courses (which means nine credit hours or equivalent) in the term in which they are competing. Second, you must successfully complete a minimum of three full courses, or six half courses (minimum of 18 credit hours or equivalent) during the academic year. In the NCAA their requirements work a little differently when it comes to being and staying eligible. Student-athletes must be enrolled in a full-time program of studies as defined by the institution. This just means that you can not be less than 12 semester hours each term. There is a huge exception to this rule. Student-athletes that are in their final semester or quarter of their senior year and are in the baccalaureate program and with less than 12 semester hours needed to graduate, they way get some kind of written verification from their advisor to be enrolled in less than 12 hours for the purpose of them

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