Barriers To Effective Communication Essay

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Barriers to Effective Communication Paper CJA/363 September 6th 2010 Prof. Timothy Sullivan Communication simply means conveying information by, to, or between a person or group. Everyone has gone through, at one point the frustration of believing that he or she is misunderstood and is incapable of making ourselves understood by another person. Anything which, blocks the meaning of a communication, which is a barrier to communication. The communication process starts with a recipient or the person who wants to communicate to the other person/persons. The recipient understands the thoughts into various signs and words that the recipient can understand and then sends out the message. The message is sent through a medium such as oral or written media. Then there is a recipient for whom the message is meant. The last step is feedback where the recipient acts in response to the message sent by the sender. There is various barriers to the process called noise. These barriers can be internal such as poor listening skills or external such as high noise levels in the background. For example if I am at a party and my friend is across the room and I want her to come over to me I then call and wave to her to come over. I used my mouth as medium of communication and interpreted my message into words and symbols. My friend did not hear me because of the high noise level but saw me and nodded, this was the recipients reaction. The feedback is she walked over to me. The difference between listening and hearing in communication is “Listening is the active participation in the communication transaction and Hearing is the physiological element of listening. It occurs when sound waves stroked our ears at certain frequency and loudness.” (Jensia, 2008, para. 2.) For example when Nancy (the sender) e-mail
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