Atticus Finch Rejection In To Kill A Mockingbird

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“Every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority.” – Thomas H. Huxley The novel To Kill a Mockingbird told an unforgettable story of doing what a person thought was right no matter what the cost. Author Harper Lee used the character Atticus Finch to show a rejection of authority when he went against the social codes in his town and defended a black man in court. Lee showed Atticus’s penetrating defense that ended up revealing the town of Maycomb’s inherit racism. Atticus Finch challenged social justice and prejudice by defending Tom Robinson just as he would any other person. Atticus’s whole town went against him because he was defending a man of a different race. This was because having a relationship…show more content…
Because of this racism, Tom tried to escape from his town but ended up being killed. Atticus was trying to bring about justice, and trying to protect an innocent person. This went against the social codes of this time period. Blacks were under constant attack because of their skin color. But this did not matter to Atticus; he went against everyone, and what everyone said just to prove that Tom was innocent. We are shown Tom Robinson’s humanity and point of view through Atticus’s actions, while the majority of the white population see Tom as just as inferior with no rights. Atticus was scorned by many of his fellow citizens because of his attitude that a black man should have the same rights as a white man. Atticus’s rejection of authority was felt by everyone in his town. His determination to defend Tom causes his own family grief from others in town. Atticus was trying to prove the truth because he values equality and justice. He was displaying that everyone deserves a chance, and that everyone should be treated as equals. Even though he is only one man he is hoping to cause an effect, and hoping that people would start believing that everyone is truly equal no matter what their skin color

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