Attention Walmart Shoppers: We Are Taking over

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Introduction We all love a “good deal”. Big box stores deliver just that. American consumers have found a friend in the big box world, who has changed America’s shopping behaviors, helping consumers save a few bucks. Walmart has been that friend. At Walmart, a shopper can find a wide variety of products, from apples to zippers, all for a low price. At some point though, consumers have to wonder if there is an underlying cost associated with low prices. What are shoppers sacrificing in the name of low price? If an entire community benefits from low prices; do entire communities pay a price as well? How about an entire nation? Is there a price to pay at a national level? In 2005, filmmaker Robert Greenwald set out to cause American consumers to ask these questions. Speaking to all Americans, the facts and personal stories presented in Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price are overwhelming and undeniable, highlighting Walmart as a money hungry enterprise with no regard for the negative impacts it has on any individual, community or our nation. Powerful Statistics Throughout the film, statistics are displayed across the entire screen in large bold letters. Statistics generally tend to be very appealing. Even the most critical, logical viewer can be persuaded when presented with a precisely measured description, and this film is chock full of such calculated evidence. The numbers introduced were shocking by themselves. The film adds to the dramatic effect of these facts by displaying them in front of a quiet freeze-frame of the film. The film asserts that too many Walmart employees receive public assistance and even some full time employees live below the federal poverty line. According to this documentary, Alabama Walmart employees were among our nation’s needy, listing 3,864 of their children as enrolled in the state’s Medicaid program. Florida is listed as having

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