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From 1939 to 1945 a global war broke out, killing millions of people. At the time no one could end it. No person could, but a massive bombing of one area could. The atomic bomb was the bomb to end World War II, during the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. No other bomb had the strength of the atomic bomb, and it was quoted as “the most powerful and terrible weapon” (“The Atom Bomb – the development of the atomic bomb, the uses of the atomic bomb”). Since the atomic bomb is described as such a horrific weapon, what is it exactly? The atomic bomb is also called the a-bomb or fission bomb. The atomic bomb is defined as “a bomb whose explosive force comes from a chain reaction based on nuclear fission in U-235 or plutonium” (William Collins…show more content…
The strong radiation from the atomic bomb contaminates the city. This radiation kills all of the people there. The explosion from the bomb whirls up massive amounts of dust and water. The dust and water become radioactively contaminated and fly several feet up. Then, the day after the nuclear explosion, the contaminated dust and water rain down and contaminate a large area. This rain is known as the fallout. The head wave comes from the gigantic energy that develops from the detonation. In the center of the detonation, the temperature can reach several million degrees. The head wave only takes a few seconds, but it kills everyone within a three-mile radius. People at more than three miles can still get unprotected burns. The shock wave destroys all the buildings in a one-mile radius. Like the head wave, the shock wave takes only a few seconds, but it can make winds with speeds of up to 750mph. Finally, the nuclear electromagnetic pulse is made of extremely strong magnetic fields. This pulse disturbs the radio contacts and destroys and electronic devices (“The Atom Bomb – the development of the atomic bomb, the uses of the atomic bomb”). So what all happened to Japan when the first two atomic bombs

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