Assignment 2, Perspectives of the Family

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Assignment 2: Perspectives on the family A) In sociology consensus is used to describe how the members of a group or society accept or agree on certain social values. For example the nuclear family being a key institution to society is part of the consensus of functionalists. B) Parsons said the nuclear family was the best for society because it fitted two essential functions, Social solidarity and primary socialisation. Social solidarity explains how the nuclear family can provide security, both physically and emotionally and that marriage is men and women ‘fulfilling their natural roles as humans’. Primary socialisation describes how the nuclear family is the best place for young people to learn the norms and values of society, thus reproducing a socialised population. C) The family will help socialise the young people so they are a better fit for society as a whole. If there was no structured family then society would be un-stable. The family also helps in providing the economic security of all its members. This means that all the young people will have the food and shelter needed to grow up and this will help reproduce a stable society. The family also offers a place for the stabilisation of adult personalities, the family is a pace where adults can relax and release tension. This allows them to be more focused on their jobs which are essential for wider society. D) Functionalist sociologist believe that the family performs vital functions for the maintenance of wider society and for the individual members of the family, because of this they believe that the family is a key institution of society, and the nuclear family structure is the best family structure. This strong view has helped us assess whether the nuclear family is best or even if this family structure is the most dominant. George Peter Murdock is a key member of the functionalist ideas;
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