Aryeh's Disappointment in Asher

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Aryeh’s Disappointment in Asher What has happened?! Why has my own son fallen over to the Other side. I can’t even see him as my own son. He has done nothing with his life but spend endless hours drawing pictures. What good does that bring him?! What good does it bring anybody? I only wish that my son studied the Torah as much as he studies these drawings. My son continues to disappoint me. At first he made horrendous grades in school and now he is making some sort of art gallery? WITH NUDES?! He should be indicted for doing so. What does my son see in nudes that I don’t? Yet he tells me it’s some coercion and that he can’t help it. Only animals can’t help. The body is not something to be expressed in an impure manor. It is a gift from God, so that we may worship him in wonder. This would have not of happened if my Rivkeh did not influence him. From a young age Asher was already being provoked to draw “pretty things” and not focus on the important things in life like the Torah or his school work. And yet to this day my Wife still provokes Asher to draw. A Jewish woman who knows how devastating the gift is and still lets her own child do such a thing. I knew once I left for Vienna I would lose all control of my son. I would not be there to make sure he makes the correct decisions ahead of him. I trusted that my wife would be able to take that job. But she took him to museums, let him steal and even worse let him draw Jesus. I was sure my son would be goyim by the time I would get back. The Rebbe had made things even more pejorative. He had assigned Asher a teacher for drawing. How? The Rebbe, the leader, lets such a gift roam free? No. Gifts from the other side cannot influence our worship. They do not benefit the worship of Ribbono Shel Olom. I have lost all my faith for Asher. I feel a strong feeling of deprecation towards him. I do not even dare to speak

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