Joel Bar Hezron’s Life

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If you like learning how some people “mature” through life read this essay about? Joel bar Hezron. Joel was the son of Rabbi Hezron, while Joel’s life kept getting better, he learned how to gather boys for a cause, and in the end know about and (more or less) understand Jesus as the messiah. To illustrate how Joel starts his life as a rabbi we see what happens? Joel was the son of Rabbi Hezron, which shows what Joel would be one day. In Ancient Israel, the son(s) of a rabbi or a “noble” would go to the synagogue school to learn how to be a rabbi. While in the synagogue school Joel met Daniel, who would, in the future, make Joel very happy for not being cruel like the other boys. Joel even tells Daniel “I’m going to go on to be a rabbi, probably.” By the way of being a rabbi’s son and going to the synagogue school, Joel knew Daniel who would help Joel start the “band of boys.” While Joel was in the synagogue school and not seeing eye-to-eye on most anything with Daniel, Joel was learning how to be a rabbi, and getting ready for the future by “being” a soldier. Joel’s and Daniel’s main difference was that the rabbi’s used Joel as an example for the other boys on how to act during school. When Joel and Thacia (Joel’s sister) broke a rule and went to the mountain on a “vacation”, they met Daniel again, after five years, who tried to get Joel to join the group of men on the mountain to fight against the Romans. Instead of Joel joining the men on the mountain, Joel helped Daniel make a band of boy, who had high dreams of making an army. As Joel progressed through life we see what he is, and what he might be someday. Above all else the next “part” of Joel’s life is probably the most important. A couple weeks after

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