Art Essay - Pablo Picasso And Ann Redpath

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Art I this essay I intend to compare examples of still life by Pablo Picasso (1881-1973) and Ann Redpath ( (1895-1965) and explain the differences in their choice of subject matter & treatment of it before going on to explain why I consider the artists to be important. Four examples of Picasso’s work are; “Clarinet and bottle of rum on a mantelpiece – 1911”, “The Fan – 1911”, “Glass, Guitar and bottle – 1913” and “Bottle of beer, Wine glass, Packet of Tobacco, Calling Card – 1914”. Picasso studied in Barcelona and Madrid, from an early age showing great technical ability. He adopted, throughout his life traditional skills to suit his requirements. Like many artists if the modern age (1860-1990) his art dealt with real life and everyday experiences, based on natural or man made form for example in the “Clarinet and bottle of rum on a mantelpiece”, his subject matter is the title and the same for “Glass guitar and bottle”. Picasso was part of the cubist movement. When he painted “Clarinet and a bottle of rum on a mantle piece” the subjects in cubist paintings were so broken down into facets that they became difficult to recognise, a phase known as analytical cubism. To remind the viewer of the subjects in the painting Picasso began to introduce images that would remind the viewer of the original subject such as lettering, musical signs and pieces of newspaper. By the time he came to construct “glass, guitar and bottle, analytical cubism had moved onto synthetic cubism. Picasso began to build up his paintings from a selection of painted shapes and collage materials. The inspiration came from the shapes colours & textures rather than the objects. Four examples of Ann Redpath’s work are; “The blue tablecloth – c,1940”, “The Indian rug – c,1942”, “ Still life with teapot on round table – c,1945” and “The white azalea – 1954”.Ann Redpath showed great early

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