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Humanities Instructor: Sean William Doyle HUMANITIES MODEL PROSPECTUS Aseel Beerm Prospectus Hum 102-002 Sean Doyle 06-25-13 I. Introduction The Topic I chose to do is a famous piece of art “Starry Night” by artist Vincent van Gogh. (1889) A. Question- I will be covering the meaning of the painting. For example, what the colors in the painting represented. B. I chose Starry night because it’s now one of the most talked about paintings in society today, but the fact that it wasn’t noticed in his time period. C. Thesis – The meaning of Starry nights by Vincent van Gogh to me is the colors were dark because he was in a dark place, and with the little bright yellow shows that there might be hope to escape it. II. Concession A. Concession- appreciation B. Explanation- in Vincent time period none of his paintings were noticed, and he never sold one; but now in todays society its one of the most talked about painting/seller. III. Main Body #1 A. Piece of Evidence #1 –First, I will discuss how Vincent van Gogh got the idea for the painting. (Inspirations) 1. Source - IV. Main Body #2 1. Piece of Evidence #2 – Next, I will talk about the story behind the colors he choice and why. 2. Source- book- Van Gogh by albertio Martini V. Main Body #3 A. Piece of Evidence #3- Another point I will be discussing is the audience back then perspective on the artwork. 1. Source- book- Vincent van Gogh : The Starry Night by Richard Thomson VI. Main Body #4 A. Piece of Evidence #4- another, thing that I would like to discuss is where the original artwork can be found. 1. Source –book- I, van Gogh by Isabel Kuhl VII. Main Body #5 A. Piece of Evidence #5 – Lastly, the estimated price

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