Picasso's Guernica Analysis

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Gregory Caicco, Instructor AR115 Introduction to the Visual Arts Week Five; Response Paper 1 Picasso and Guernica Picasso's Guernica analysis Picasso used basic outlines to create the overall style of Guernica which almost looks like a two dimensional overlapping collage of separate identities. The shapes are rudimentary, that is the bull, horse, and people look cartoonish or animated. The proportions are off on just about every item within the painting. The hands are overly large, while everyone’s head is elongated and other body parts are skewed. The horse has a narrow neck line, but the mouth is stretched outward with large block like buckteeth. The mural is large although this didn’t allow for more details in the space. Instead he used the larger canvas to create larger images without the higher details. In the supplied photo the candle appears to be casting down light at an angular direction or is diagonal line there to create the pyramid with the all Seeing Eye at the top? Sepias, browns, whites and blacks were the colors used to paint the entire mural, almost as if Picasso was trying to match the colors of a pencil drawing. The time as in a reference for when this painting represent, but the implied time is during the actual bombing of Guernica. It’s hard to place an emphasis on one part. The white horse is in the middle but it’s also mixed up with various other images that overlap. The Bull stands out by itself although the majority of it is covered in black or shadowed by the light. Overall I don’t think this piece was meant to be broke down by each item, but looked at as a whole scene to tell a grim story of Guernica. On 26 April 1937, during the Spanish Civil War, a squadron of fighter planes dropped bombs on the Basque town of Guernica, killing hundreds of civilians. Picasso abandoned a previous painting to work on Guernica because it

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