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When Jacqueline Lee Bouvier got married to Senator John F. Kennedy, she never imagined that she would go on to become First Lady. And that she would have such an impact not only in her husband’s decisions but also on the people of the world. She was a fashion icon domestically and internationally as well as a model for sophistication and elegance. Her high class lifestyle and education as well as her model conduct set her in front of the world as what women were supposed to be like. Jacqueline Lee Bouvier was born at Southampton Hospital in Southampton, New York, into New York society on July 28, 1929. She was the eldest daughter of John Vernou Bouvier III and Janet Norton Lee Bouvier. Her name commemorated both sides of her family ("Jacqueline"…show more content…
she orchestrated a dinner at Mount Vernon in honor of President Ayub Khan, whom President Kennedy wanted to honor for his role in supporting the U.S. in a recent crisis; she banished large U-shaped dining tables, replacing them with round tables that seated eight. Her social graces were legendary, as can be noted from the way she communicated with De Gaulle in Paris and Nikita Kruschev in Vienna. The President's summit in Vienna turned out to be a disaster, but the Premier's enjoyment of Mrs. Kennedy's company was subsequently deemed one of the few positive outcomes. When Soviet Premier Khrushchev was asked to shake President Kennedy's hand for a photo, the Communist leader said, "I'd like to shake her hand first.” In this and many other occasions, she was key in assuring that the meetings of the president ran smoothly. But what really set her forward in the eyes of the world was her reaction to the murder of JFK in 1963. Mrs. Kennedy's gallant courage during the tragedy of her husband's assassination won her the admiration of the world. Secretly she dealt with suicidal feelings, but told family and friends that it was her children that kept her going. She moved to New York City; and in 1968 she married the wealthy Greek businessman, Aristotle Onassis. Although rumors circulated that the couple spent more time apart than together, they were still married when Onassis died in 1975. After the death of her second husband Jackie never re-married but moved to New York City, where she worked as a book editor from 1978 until the day of her death in 1994 of lymphatic cancer. At her funeral, her son “John, John” as he was called, spoke of his mother as a valiant and amazing woman. And she was; she was an extraordinary woman whose courage and determination during the death of her husband was not only surprising but admiring. She left an impression on the 1960’s era as a style

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