Are Uk Pressure Groups Good for Democracy?

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Are UK pressure groups good for democracy? In certain cases, pressure groups within the UK have been good for democracy and have helped to enhance its values and features, however, many would argue that it has damaged and challenged the aims of democracy itself. A pressure group is an organisation that ultimately aims to influence new and existing public policies from creation though to implementation. A pressure group can be either a sectional or promotional group, sectional group’s aim to represent a specific sub-section of society whereas a promotional group will try to promote a single cause over the interests of their members. Additionally pressure groups can be defined as an insider or outside group; insider pressure groups will have well established relations with parliamentary officials and will be regularly consulted by government, outsider groups will have no specific connections within the political system and so try to influence decision makers though mobilising public opinion. Democracy is the description given to the political systems that are structured on the basis that the government should serve in the interests of the people, a democratic government is also expected to be fully accountable to its citizens. The UK lives in a pluralist system, which allows a wide range of ideologies to flourish as long as a group doesn’t break the law or threaten the security of the state or its people. Additionally a pluralist is expected to disperse its power and not concentrate it in a small number of hands. Pressure groups have had a positive effect on UK democracy. It is clear that though the vast amount of pressure groups that will support and oppose each other, they are able to offer the UK electorate and younger peer groups a vast amount of information. This information should be independent of government beliefs or ideals and so enhances our knowledge

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