Archetypes And Dolls: Observing Lives Of Children

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The detailing on this skull is very sharp it uses a selection of shapes and shades to create this skull. This skull is illustrated quite childish and girly I know this because of the bow and the large flowers on the skulls. I interpret it as girl because the main colours on this skull are pink. I think because this skull is for a child it would be presented on the 2nd of November because that day is dedicated to the lost lives of children The eyes on this skull have white blank spaces which creates a twinkling effect: this may suggest that the child who this was representing may have had twinkling eyes. The skull kind of sits on top of the 2 roses: it could represent that where she was buried she may of had roses growing under or around the coffin.…show more content…
Or that something’s in her life were uneven. Also the whole skull is symmetrical but the flowers on the head are different and the bow this may be suggesting what she had on her head was never the same and was always different. The famous recognised “hello kitty bow” could try to establish the fact that she was a fan of the character or tried to dress or feel like the character hello
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