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Forces Test Review 1. Inertia can be best described as the (A) force that keeps an object in motion with constant velocity (B) force that keeps an object at rest (C) force that overcomes friction (D) property responsible for an object's resistance to changes in motion (E) property responsible for slowing down an object 2. A box is given a sudden push up a ramp. Friction between the box and the ramp is not negligible. Which of the following diagrams best represents the directions of the actual forces acting on the box as it moves upward after the push? 3. An ideal spring obeys Hooke's law, F = kx. A mass of 0.50 kilogram hung vertically from this spring stretches the spring 0.075 meter. The value of the force constant for the spring is most nearly (A) 0.33 N/m (B) 0.66 N/m (C) 6.6 N/m (D) 33 N/m (E) 66 N/m 4. A block of weight W is pulled along a horizontal surface at constant speed v by a force F, which acts at an angle of with the horizontal, as shown above. The normal force exerted on the block by the surface has magnitude (A) W F cos (B) WFsin (C) W (D) W + Fsin (E) W + Fcos 5. When the frictionless system shown above is accelerated by an applied force of magnitude the tension in the string between the blocks is (A) 2F (B) F (C) F (D) F (E) F 6. A push broom of mass m is pushed across a rough horizontal floor by a force of magnitude T directed at angle as shown above. The coefficient of friction between the broom and the floor is . The frictional force on the broom has magnitude (A) (mg + Tsin) (B) (mg-Tsin) (C) (mg+ Tcos) (D) (mg-Tcos) (E) mg (15 points) Two small blocks, each of mass m, are connected by a

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