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Shane Causes sudden movements and noises “ticks” Shane is partly in control of it and yet at other times it controls him His tourette’s keeps him always observing and pondering…passerbys would see him as weird. Acting goofy, high energy, behaviors out of context, random comments Up until the 60’s it was seen as a phycological problem and thus could be solved with medication Tourette’s is a unique diagnosis. Every person has a different type. While they may have similar actions, there is no set of things that someone with Tourette’s does all the time and thus like snowflakes, each person with Tourette’s is unique. Sometimes Tourette’s impulse is to break boundaries. Not quite as worried that they’ll hurt others, but…show more content…
He is able to connect with tigers and when riding a horse, Shane’s ticks seem to disappear as they do with karate. Shane is able to connect directly with people and can often make an “instant friend.” Retaining and maintaining those relationships, however, is very difficult for him and people who are patient enough to keep up with his energy are few and far between. Tourette’s is a double sword. It pushes an individual both towards brilliance and destruction Presentation-Down Syndrome • identified after John Langdon Down, a physician, began grouping people who looked alike. • Originally called them “mongoloids” but was changed to “down syndrome” • Caused by a copy of a chromosome • Physical signs: - one crease in the individual’s hand - flat face with an upward slant to the eye - short neck - small hands and feet • There are many health conditions that are often seen in people with down syndrome due to having an extra copy of Chromosome 21. • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development houses a good website which contains much information about both the background of the disability and ways to make it work for the individual. • There are prenatal tests to discover whether a child will have down syndrome. This leads into the debate on abortion and prevention of

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