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Self-Analysis 2301 Introduction to Psychology Instructor: Mrs. Marsha Barnett Cooke Mon/Wed 11:00-12:30 There are many people in this world who have no clue who they are. Some know how people see them, nevertheless comprehending their personal view of themselves. Most of us are only aware of our downfalls on the other hand, not quite definite of our fortes. We tend to brush off constructive goals due to our frantic mentality “We will never have much or go far because our parents or siblings did not go far or do much.” Several of you do not give individuals a chance to impact your lives, having a closed-minded perception about everything. Well I am here to dispense a little light on the situation, to attest that knowing who you…show more content…
Brian Mosby, my dear friend. This guy has been there for me when no one else could physically be there with and for me. He has taught me how to have a conversation despite my madness, anger and sadness. He has always encouraged me to do all that I can and want to do even when I feel like I cannot or do not want to. He expresses what is right even when I want to do my own thing; conveying the truth to me, even when I could care less to hear it and despite the fact that it will hurt half of the time. It then has a reverse effect making me feel better knowing he’s being honest and looking out for me. When I almost did not attend college one semester, without any knowledge to me, he paid for my tuition and books because he said he felt he should have done it. My car almost broke down on me and having not dealt with this type of situation before, we arrive at the auto shop where he consoles me by saying “why do you look like you have seen a ghost, you are not paying for it.” That was such a relief at that moment in my life. When my doctor revealed to me that my illness had returned, he was there every step of the way, dropped me off for surgery, picked me up after recovery and was at my place every day while I continued to recover. There is so much more that I could tell you about this superb, outstanding, magnificent, exceptional man but this is neither the time nor the space and besides, I think you get the

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