Antonio Character Traits

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Antonio’s Character Traits

In the play the Merchant of Venice there are many characters with interesting traits that play an important role. In particular, Antonio, the merchant has two roles, which depict two sides to him. They are a good friend and prejudicial. Antonio is a good friend because he will do everything for a friend in need. Bassanio, Antonio’s friend, asked him for money and Antonio said, “Thou know’st that all my fortunes are at sea Neither have I money nor commodity To raise a present sum Therefore go forth, Thy what my credit can in Venice do.” (I, I, 179-182). Despite the fact that Antonio has no money at hand, he still finds a way and gives alternative ways to help Bassanio, which makes him a good friend. Also he said, “My purse, my person, my extremist means lie unlocked to your occasions.” (I, I, 140-141). This quote shows that Antonio will do everything in his power and offer any kind of help he possibly can to his friends, which makes him a genuinely good friend. Despite the fact that he is a good friend there is a let down in his personality. Antonio is prejudice and in the play he says, “I am like to call thee again. To spit on thee again.” (I, iii, 128-129). This quote shows just how prejudice Antonio is. He spat on Shylock (a Jew) just because he is Jewish. He doesn’t like him because of his beliefs and that makes him very prejudice. Just because Shylock does not believe in the same thing as Antonio, it does not give him the right to be rude and judge Shylock. Antonio also said, “Content in faith. I’ll seal to such a bond, And say that there is much kindness in a Jew.” (I, iii, 150-151). First off, Antonio doesn’t even refer to Shylock by name but instead he just calls him a Jew. This shows how Antonio is prejudice is and that he isn’t the perfect gentleman we perceived him to be in the beginning. In conclusion, Antonio the merchant
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