Antisocial Personality Disorder Research Paper

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ANTISOCIAL PERSONALITY DISORDER BEH 225 May 29, 2010 Pamela Klem DEFINITION Antisocial personality disorder is a chronic mental illness which affects an individual's ways of thinking, perceiving situations and relating to others. A person with antisocial personality disorder may have no regard for right and wrong. They may violate the law often and violate the rights of others as well. These type of situations may lead a person to be in trouble frequently. Some other typical symptoms of this disorder are lying, violent behavior, drug and alcohol problems and not showing responsibility to family, work, or school. (Mayo Clinic, 2010). CAUSES Personality disorders such as antisocial personality…show more content…
However, the treatments that are available include things such as psychotherapy, stress and anger management skills, medications or even hospitalization. Psychotherapy is the main treatment that is used for antisocial personality disorder. When psychotherapy is used things such as mood, feelings, thoughts and behavior are discussed. By learning about these things, it will be easier for an individual to manage the symptoms. Stress and anger management is recommended because irritability, aggression, violence and anger are all very common symptoms of antisocial personality disorder. Skills will be built to cope with volatile emotions so that an individual will learn to control their behavior before it becomes harmful to themselves or others. Medications may be recommended to deal with some of the other symptoms which are associated with antisocial personality disorder. Antidepressants may be recommended if an individual has a depressed mood, anger, impulsivity, irritability or hopelessness. Mood stabilizing medications can be used to help even out mood swings and reduce irritability and aggression. Anti-Anxiety medications are used if there is anxiety, agitation or insomnia. However, in some individuals these type of drugs may increase things such as impulsive behavior. Antipsychotic medication is used for anxiety and anger problems. Finally, hospitalization may be needed. Hospitalization is recommended when an individual has severe symptoms of antisocial personality disorder. This type of care is recommended when an individual cannot fully take care of themselves, or the individual is in danger of harming themselves or someone else. Some of the psychiatric options for hospitalization include 24-hour inpatient care, partial or day hospitalization, or in house treatment. In house treatment is where residents are offered a supportive place to live. (May Clinic,

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