Anti-German Influence On Prohibition

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Effects of Anti-German Sentiment on Prohibition To what extent did Anti-German sentiment (before during and after WWI) lead to the Prohibition of the 1920’s? Interlake High School 22 March 2012 Word Count: 1518 Rigel Kuhn Mr. Stearns Period 3 A. Plan of Investigation The aim of this investigation is to evaluate how much effect the Anti-German sentiment of American citizens on the Prohibition movement of the 1920’s. The investigation will focus on the social movements of Americans, such as any groups or associations formed before the Prohibition. In addition, it will focus on German beer production as a means to measurements, and political movements which includes any acts passed before the Prohibition. In the section titled Evaluation…show more content…
Many people of American society of the 1920’s believed that alcohol was inhibiting the growth of America and in the few years before the war women and the Anti-Saloon League and the Women’s Christian Temperance Union (WCTU) were concerned of the well-being of their husbands and they felt that alcohol was causing potential harm to families. These dry forces, succeeded in by connecting Prohibition to a variety of social causes started in the Progressive era. In addition, there were also men such as Henry Ford, who were concerned about the impact of alcohol on labor productivity. Overall, advocates for Prohibition maintained the idea that outlawing alcohol would eliminate corruption, end machine politics and help Americanize…show more content…
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