Anna's Story- Chapter Summaries

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Anna's storyy chapter summaries Anna’s Story Chapter #1: Angela’s Story • Mother Angela gets married in 1976 in December to Tony. • Anna Victoria Wood Born 27th of May 1980. • Wood Family Move To South Yorkshire & Did Business From The Family Shop “The Queens Arms”. • Anna At 12 Started Having Disturbing Memories Of Being Sexually Molested. • Six Month Physiologist for Anna. • Family Shop Started Having Financial Problems. • Anna Talks about Issues of Sex, Contraception, AIDS and Drugs. • At The Age Of 15 Anna Started To Have Bad Crowds Around Her. Chapter #2: Tony’s Story In This Chapter of Tony’s Story, Tony Talks about His Emotions about Anna from the Good Times to the Bad Where Anna Past Away. He Also Discusses In The Book How Much He Misses Anna And Is Saddened By Annas Death. Chapter #3: Alice’s Story In This Chapter of Alice’s Story, Alice the Older Sister of Anna Talks about Her Sadness about Her Younger Sisters Death and She is Mentally, Emotionally and physically Unstable. Chapter #4: Julie’s Story • Close To the Wood Family. • Julie Moved In With the Wood Family & Became Close Friends With Alice And Anna. • Feelings Were Strong And Sad In The Family. • Hospital Visits Every Day To See Anna • Julie Was Close with Anna, She Had A lot Of Bonding Time (eg. School and Home) Chapter #5: Kathie’s Story • Anna And Kathie Were Close Friends • Kathie Talks About How Anna And Her Mother Had Some Arguments. • Anna And Her Friends Had A History Of Drugs, Binge Drinking And Smoking. • Some Of The Causes Of Annas Fatal Death May Be From The Bad Crowds And Being Surrounded By A Drinking, Drug And Rave Party Environment. Chapter #6: The Friends • Anna Wood Started The Stage Of
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