Andre Masson and Dali compared

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Im going to break the rules a bit here and base my project on two different artists and pieces. I know we were suppose to choose just one and foucs on him, but I couldnt help myself in relating these two artists (which helped me a lot in developing my own personal piece). Although I did choose two different artist who are from the surrealist movement. If I were to name my piece, it would be "The Persistance of Fishes". This may give you a clue to which two pieces I chose. Indeed one of them is one of surrealism best know pieces, Dali's "The Persistance of Memory". The other one is Andre Masson's Battle of Fishes. In my piece, I incorporate both in order to blend in there message and my own personal message. Lets start of talking about each piece, and then mine, and then all of them as a whole. The first thing that comes to mind when you see Andre Massons Battle of Fishes is definetly a sea of fishes. I have always had a fascination with sea creatures, I believe they are the most beautiful and interesting creatures in the world. I love them so much that I have several tattoos of octupuses and sea horses on my body. Therefore, choosing this piece was a great delight for me. I decided that the first thing I wanted the viewer to see was fishes as well (just like Massons piece). I believe I met my goal since the central images of the piece are two huge fish. Not only that, but I gave them grimaces that stand out to the public. From my past personal experiences, I have learnt that in order to capture someones attention through a piece of work, not only must you make your object of choice big; but it should stand out or surprise the viewer. When one thinks of fish, they think of the beautiful gold fish in the tanks of their room or going fishing with their dad on a nice Sunday morning. It's not often that one sees an evil looking fish; thats why I believe the large

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