Analyzing Mark Antony's Speech

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Analyzing Mark Antony's Speech How is he persuasive? We learn during this speech that Mark Antony is an incredible speaker. He uses many different persuasion techniques during this speech. He is able to turn the audience from honoring the death of Caesar, to looking at it in disgust. He is able to completely change their opinion in one speech. He is persuasive by showing Caesar's dead body, controlling the audience, and making the plebeians question themselves. He sheds some light on what they didn't see before; thus, the audience believes that Mark Antony is worthy of all their honor. What technique has he used that no one else has used so far? 1.) He showed Caesars dead body. This was to give the audience a negative image of what the conspirators did. 2.) "Just plain folks" technique. He acted as if he was a mere plebeians; this helped the audience connect with Antony. It helps Antony have a more close relationship than Brutus or any of the other Conspirators. 3.) Makes them question their previous judgment. This makes Antony appear as if he has the better interest of the people and that he "knows best." 4.) Uses verbal irony. He says that Brutus and his men are honorable men, yet he is thinking that they are savages. 5.) Compares qualities between Caesar and Brutus. This makes the audience question the legitimacy of Brutus. 6.) Cries in front of the audience to create a sympathetic, mourning atmosphere. 7.) Reads Caesar's will. This makes the audience connect with Caesar. It makes things personal when he reads that Caesar decided to give everything he had, after he died. What was his strongest argument? His strongest argument would be that Caesar was a good man. He says that the reasons Caesar was killed were wrong. That he wasn't ambitious like Brutus said, that he wasn't dangerous, that he always had the best interest of Rome in his heart.
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