Analyze The Differences Between The North And South In The 1850's

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CH 4/1 THE DEVISIVE POLITICS OF SLAVERY – DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE NORTH AND SOUTH 1850’s North and South grow apart . North more INDUSTRIAL with railroads , factories , and immigrants who opposed slavery . South was rural with farmland few industries and immigrants . 1846 THE WILMOT PROVISO a Bill that would BAN SLAVERY IN THE WESTERN TERRITORIES FAVORED BY THE NORTH . Southerners opposed to the bill stating they HAD THE RIGHT TO OWN SLAVES IN THE WESTERN TERRITORIES BECAUSE SLAVES WERE NOTHTING BUT PROPERTY AND PROTECTED BY THE CONSTITUTION THEY SAID . 1849 California enters the Union as a FREE STATE. Southerners thought it should be a slave state since it was SOUTH OF THE MISSOURI COMPROMISE LINE .…show more content…
POPULAR SOVEREIGNTY ALLOWED THE WESTERN TERRITORIES TO DECIDE IF THEY WOULD BE FREE OR SLAVE STATES CH4/2 FUGITIVE SLAVES AND THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD HOW DID THE NORTH REACT TO THE FUGITIVE SLAVE ACT North VERY angry . Northern states then passed the PERSONAL LIBERTY LAWS which banned the imprisonment of any escaped slaves and guaranteed all escaped slaves a jury trial for their freedom . Free AA and white abolitionists organized the UNDERGROUND RAILROAD A SECRET NETWORK OF VOLUNTEERS WHO HID RUNAWAY SLAVES ESCAPING NORTH . HARRIET TUBMAN WAS A FAMOUS LEADER OF THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD . 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the book UNCLE TOM’S CABIN WHICH SHOWED THE HORRORS OF SLAVERY . The North sees the fight to end slavery as A MORAL STRUGGLE . TENSION IN KANSAS AND NEBRASKA – What conflict arose over the Nebraska Territory 1854 Illinois senator Stephen Douglas proposed splitting the Nebraska Territory into two territories Kansas and Nebraska . The North argued that the entire Kansas and Nebraska territories were NORTH OF THE MISSOUR COMPROMISE LINE AND SAID BOTH TERRITORIES SHOULD BE FREE

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