The Theme Of Love In Tagore's 'Unending'

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The first thing the reader would notice about the poem is the title. The title itself sets the romantic mood that continues throughout the poem. “Unending” depicts a love that the writer believes is everlasting and immortal. The poem keeps relating back to the title because of the occasional use of the word “forever”. An interesting idea that is explored in the poem is that love is a force felt by the universe as a whole, not just by individuals. The first word of the poem “I” might refer to anyone who has loved someone (the “you”). Therefore, the “I” can be in “numberless forms” and lived in “numberless times”. What Tagore might be trying to say is that love is a force that is passed on to people, therefore it is “unending”. It can be passed “In life after life, in age after age, forever”. This line suggests that since love is unending, it can be transferred forever. It might also mean that the love of one individual for another will be felt in that individual’s next life, and for all lives after until that love is “heaped at (the loved one’s) feet” when it will have “found its end in (the loved one) [Stanza 4, line 1]. By “end” Tagore means that the love has found…show more content…
The reader realizes that there might be an unhappy conclusion to the poem. But more importantly, it creates the mood for the next few lines. The first 2 lines create a sad mood. Then, in line 3, “in the end you emerge” becomes more uplifting and exciting because of the sad mood. This shows that the speaker is optimistic. The use of “pole-star” indicated that the loved one guides the lover through life like the North Star. “piercing the darkness of time” suggests that without the loved one, the speaker’s life (time) is dark and empty. But the loved one, ‘clad in the light of a pole-star’, pieces through this darkness to give the speaker hope. Again, “remembered forever” in line 5 bolsters the idea of eternal

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