Pleasures of Love Analysis

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Davies expresses such a different approach to how one can understand the “pleasures of love”. Davies opinion is very clear straight off the bat as Davies tries to paint an image about his understanding of the concept of love. He brings forth an analysis of the pleasures of love without basically focusing on its disillusionments, its epiphanies, its burdens and duties. According to him love is rooted in the principles of understanding and communication. Davies quotes that love is a personal experience that exists among lovers and it must be felt directly. According to him love is deeply rooted in time and love affairs illuminate a variety of various emotions that are only based on fierce satisfactions and swooning. To further help the reader understand this the author uses a metaphoric comparison analysis about love, stating that the components of love affairs are emotional sprinters and the pleasures of love are for marathoners, the ones in love for the long haul, who really want to be in love, madly, deeply and truly in love. This thesis statement is very strong, he stresses the love requires this type of attention and cultivation. He uses many examples from Shakespeare regarding how multiple relationships failed due to faults and errors on of the lovers, stating their doom from the beginning, as they were more just lust than pure love. Another feature of a loving relationship that the writer subtly alluded to in his discussion is the necessity of good communication. Good communication, he attests, keeps a couple attentive to one another, and thus more relevantly in love. Honesty and communication is key to a successful marriage. Davies concludes with what he believes is the most critical element in a loving relationship, openness. Openness he argues reveals the finest aspects of love, thus the main point Davies tries to point out is; is that a loving relationship

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