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Analysis of the novel Happy days, Uncle Sergio I. Author Location in space and time Content A. Title 1. Its literal meaning is 2. Written out in the novel (mentioned twice) 3. One of the main characters is named 4. It relates to one of the important events of the novel, the dance "never return, happy days of love" B. The issue It is the ninth story of a preamble giving his life for a precise order, which is raised surrounded by women (mother, aunts, grandmothers, etc..) And in a moment of your life comes a man in the family, which brings innovative ideas and liberal in one way or another makes your way of thinking and feeling changes. The time comes when she falls in love with this man who is his uncle and thinks he feels that great feeling for him, but after an incident in which he saw the man with the family maid making love becomes disillusioned and spend thousands of thoughts, not very good to say, after that the guy decides to go to another country and comes shortly after news of his death that was very sad news this child couple who had a great conflict with its growth and changes. C. The focus - The central theme is the conflict of a child growth and change. (This conflict is composed of external and internal feelings that occur within it passes through the frame. D. Side issues and feelings 1. Secondary themes and ideas - Homophobia - Domain of women - Sense of inferiority of Puerto Rican - Machismo - Fear of Independence - Puerto Rico is less, E. U is overcome - Difference between men and women - Only the Europeans have culture 2. Feelings - Want to be adult (They had the desire to grow and he always mentioned and made them
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