Tyler Perry Diary Of A Mad Black Woman Analysis

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1. Tyler’s Perry Why Did I Get Married 2. Bad Boys 3. The Brothers 4. Tyler’s Perry Diary of a Mad Black Woman 5. Barber Shop 6. House Party 7. The Wood 8. Soul Food 9. Boyz in the Hood 10. New Jack City 11. Malcom X 12. Juice 13. Boomerang 14. White Man Can’t Jump 15. Poetic Justice 16. Friday 17. Money Talks 18. The Best Man 19. Two Can Play That Game 20. Brown Sugar The Brothers: It is about four guys that are friends which started to question women and relationships when one of them announces that they are getting married. Tyler’s Perry Diary of a Mad Black Woman: It is about a couple that seems to have a good marriage but in reality their marriage is going down hill when the wife discovers her husbands intentions
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