Rhetorical Analysis Of Dave Barry's Guys Vs. Men

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Dave Barry’s essay “Guys vs. Men” introduces the idea that the term “Man” presents more negative qualities in males, unlike the term “Guy”, which, lets guys be free to indulge in stereotypical characteristics. Barry argues the idea that men, is a term that holds to much responsibility and unwritten expectations for guys who function on less complex regulations, he also mentions the mind set of guys, as well as, the moral battles between guys and women. Barry has won the Pulitzer Prize, spoken on effective writing and wrote quite a few humorous books. Points of interest in Barry’s essay consist of his writing style, his use of stereotypes, and how he relates certain national events to guy behavior. In the opening and regularly mentioned through…show more content…
He uses this reference to introduce how guys enjoy tinkering. This approach to expressing a point is found to spark interest in the read because when you think of guys you know, or if you are a guy, tinkering is a relatable typical occurrence. Granted that the use of a dramatic example such as this is an incredible leap of faith in regards of offensive writing, but it seems as if this way of thinking resonates in a manor that brings even the most brilliant of scientists on a normal level. The evidence of these national events and its relation to “guyness” is questionable, but Barry reassures the reader by stating “ Every statement of fact you will read in this book is either based on actual laboratory tests, or else I made it up” (414). This is an interesting form of support for an argument fact and fiction being used to back up the main point. In the L.B. Brief under writing persuasive arguments it speaks of how “ persuasive purpose favors clear statements of an opinion, evidence gathered from many sources, and a direct and concise argument for the opinion” (111) It is felt that through out the reading Barry implicates these elements well the down fall to his writing is that if the reader does not read the footnotes the facts and fiction
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